Electronics engineer for devices and systems

An overview of the job

Electronics engineers for devices and systems manufacture components and devices, e.g. for information and communication technology or for measurement and inspection technology.
Manufacturing, commissioning, and servicing of devices, facilities and systems. Usual fields of employment are information and communication technology devices, medical devices, automotive systems, system components, sensors, actuators, microsystems, repair and service as well as measurement and inspection technology.

An overview of the education

Electronics engineer for devices and systems is a qualified job according to the German Vocational Traning Act (BBiG).
The education is nationally regulated and has a duration of 3,5 years.

Admission requirements:

Secondary education level 1. Well grounded in Physics and English.
Craftsmanship and fascination for electronics.

Fields of training during the education at STG-Beikirch

Werk 1 Motor manufacturing (1st - 2nd training year)
Assembling and checking the motors.

Werk 1 Cabinet manufacturing (1st and 3rd training year)
Learning the basics of electronics and assembling and wiring cabinets.

Werk 1 Shipping (1st training year)
Picking and packaging customer orders. Getting to know the range of products.

Werk 1 u. 2 Incoming goods (1st and 2nd training year)
Receiving products in the incoming goods department and checking them for condition and completeness.

Werk 2 Industrial electronics (2nd training year)
Soldering THT / SMD elements, repairing and testing boards. Casting technologies.

Werk 1 Repair department (3rd training year)
Checking returned products for defects and repairing them, subsequent testing.

Werk 2 Measuring device manufacturing (3rd training year)
Advancing and improving production by working on in-house projects.

Werk 1 Training workshop (1st - 4th training year)
Projects and additional in-service training.
Preparation for the final exams part 1 and 2.

General information for trainees for the electronics engineer for devices & systems

  • Vocational college
  • Examination before the IHK Detmold
  • Exam type/ procedure. Part 1 & part 2 (PAL variant / in-company order)

This is our training workshop where the trainees can work on the practice projects and tasks and can prepare for their exams.

Vocational college

The competent vocational college for this job is the Felix-Fechenbach-Berufskolleg in Detmold.


The vocational college lessons are taught in blocks.

For the first to the third year of training, each year will have 3 blocks with 4 ¨C 5 weeks each.
In the fourth year of training the lessons take place once per week.

Examinations before the IHK Detmold

Final exam part 1
The final exam part 1 must be taken after 1,5 years.
It consists of two section, a theoretical and a practical one.
For the practical exam section, trainees must prepare an exam piece which will be specified by the IHK. (for examples see photos)

The theoretical section is made up of the parts A and B.
Part A consists of multiple choice questions.
Part B contains tasks with regard to technical mathematics.

On the image on the left you can see a previous final exam part 1. The board is a radio which is energised by the rack in the right image.

Final exam part 2

(PAL variant / in-company order)

For the final exam part 2 trainees can choose between a PAL variant or an in-company order. Like in part 1, the PAL variant will be specified by the IHK.

For the in-company order, trainees will be given an order by their training company which they must complete within max. 2 months and then present to the exam committee of the IHK for half an hour. Just as for part 1, part 2 also features a theoretical section which contains the fields of economics, system design, and function / system analysis.

The result of the final exam part 1 will make 40% of the final result, whereas part 2 of the final exam will determine 60% of the final result and grade.


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