Industrial manager

An overview of the job

Industrial managers deal with all commercial and business tasks. This includes procurement, materials management, sales and marketing, human resource management, finance and accounting.

An overview of the education

Industrial manager is a qualified job according to the German Vocational Training Act (BBIG).

The nationally regulated education period of 3 years is offered by industrial companies and manufacturing workshops. With the approval of the education firm and corresponding school achievement the training period can be shortened.

Admission requirements:

The German Vocational Training Act does not stipulate any specific school education (statutory requirement).

Information from the Federal Employment Agency indicate that in the past more than 50% of the industrial management trainees had an entrance qualification for higher education or for universities of applied sciences. Important personal competences for the education are the ability to reason and communication skills.

Departments in which the industrial management trainees will be trained at STG-BEIKIRCH

Focus departments:

  • Order processing (procurement, materials management, work preparation)
  • Sales (sales office work, marketing)
  • Finance and accounting (creditor / debitor bookkeeping, auditing, invoicing)

other departments:

  • IT
  • Production planning
  • Incoming goods
  • Outgoing goods
  • Production window automation
  • Production industrial electronics

General information for industrial management trainees

  • Vocational college (usually part-time lessons)
  • Examination before the IHK Detmold
  • Examination procedure:
    = intermediate exam
    = final exam part 1 (written) 
    = final exam part 2 
    (presenting the research paper and oral exam)


Herr Martin Schuwerack
Tel.: 05261-96 58-30
Fax: 05261-96 58-5030

Herr Hubertus Kröger
Tel.: 052 61-9658 - 935
Fax: 052 61-9658 – 44

Bewerbungen an :
Trifte 89
D-32657 Lemgo-Lieme

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