CDi RM mini

Profile-integrated chain drives

Window automation is and will stay a growing market within Europe. Especially in the industrial building engineering field STG-BEIKIRCH notices a constant trend to use natural ventilation and to combine this technology with additional benefits. The Lemgo drive specialists have therefore made it their top priority to provide even more incentives for the intelligent equipping of large and small construction elements.

Profile-integrated chain drives for puristic profile generations
For their facades, today’s architects favour puristic profile generations intelligently equipped without visible mount or drive components. For these architects, STG-BEIKIRCH produces their profile-integrated chain drives.
The chain drives can be fully integrated into window frames of current profile generations made from different materials (aluminium, steel, wood, or plastic). They are suitable for standard windows with and without centre seals, without touching the mount groove, standard mounts or the centre seal, and without affecting the required driving rain proofness and windtightness. A solution that allows for much project-specific adjustment freedom and whose control technology can be configured individually according to the usage concept of the building project.

CDi chain drive for the window frame
With its minimum size, the new, profile-integrated CDi chain drive is ideally suited for integration of the drive into the frame of bottom-hung windows. CDi stands for the registered trademark Chain Drive integrated. This is an innovative, modular drive technology (for single or tandem structures) for natural ventilation by means of a bottom-hung windows with a an opening width of up to 800 millimetres and corresponding accessories which can be integrated into the window frame of the current profile generation made from different materials. With this technology, we will be capable of responding to demands for profile-integrated chain drives from the whole window market.

STG-BEIKIRCH decided to position their CDi chain drive into the solid window frame. The integration of the motor into the window frame does not significantly affect the driving rain proofness and windtightness of the construction element. This not only simply logical and reasonable, it has also been proven by successful tests according to DIN 14351-1with common profile systems of leading manufacturers. Since the window frame is either completely inserted by means of a post-and-beam construction or integrated in a perforated facade and mounted in multiple positions, this variant is more robust and safer than the drive integrated into a sash profile. On top of that, up to two chain drives and two locking motors can be interconnected in one window.

Also brand-new is the compatible RM mini locking drive. The cross-section dimensions of the CDi and the RM mini are only approx. 25 millimetres in height and 35 millimetres in depth each. There is a uniform installation for both drives as well. The interesting fact about the RM mini locking drive its hat the manufacturer can serve all construction elements which are equipped with a Euro groove system. Even for construction elements with other mounts (special mounts) which have only similar positioning compared to the Euro groove, equipping with the innovative RM mini locking drive is possible.

Both systems, the CDi as well as the RM mini, have been consequently fitted with a manual actuation for the service case, without damaging the profiles. If it becomes necessary to decouple the drives manually, the construction element can be unlocked quickly and safely with a few movements. The RM mini is also suited for integration into large windows which need more actuating force. It has a compressive / pulling force of 600 N all along the travel path. The installation of max. two locking motors would also be possible. Even in the case of separated mount systems, the RM mini can be used right away.

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