Safe trap protection for actuated windows

More and more attention is being paid to window automation for modern buildings. During the daily routine, the automated, actuated opening units, such as windows, lamellas or light domes, ensure a perfect room climate through automated natural ventilation. Depending on the installation situation and the use, automated, actuated windows may become a danger, in particular for people in need of protection. Lacking trap protection measures may cause injury. 

To prevent this danger even before it arises, STG-BEIKIRCH has advanced the proven Window Protection System (WPS) trap protection. WPS® is a trap protection for automatically operated (actuated) windows. A special sensor „recognises“ the danger of a person being trapped. The closing procedure of the window is then aborted. The sensor does not only monitor the direct trap positions, but the hazard zone around the whole window. This enables the WPS® system to act in an anticipatory manner. Not only is it capable of monitoring main and secondary closing edges, but multiple windows positioned next to each other as well.

Eingriffschutz Window Protection System (WPS) 

The new generation of the system is named WPS®2 and differs from its predecessor in sensors for detecting standing and moving persons by additional connection of a window contact strip. Also new is the monitoring feature with a laser scanner for complete facade elements with a surface up to 10 x 10 metres. Naturally, the WPS®2 system complies with the applicable Machine Directive 42/2006/EC and has certificates to be used as a trap protection without any building regulation-related restrictions. WPS® and WPS®2 systems are the only ones in the market which were developed specifically for use with 24 V window drives. Moreover, the WPS®2 system is the only trap protection with TÜV registration according to the Machine Directive incl. SIL certification.

The SIL safety requirement level is a term from the field of functional safety and is also referred to as safety integrity level (SIL) in the international standards according to IEC 61508/IEC61511. It serves to assess electric / electronic / programmable electronic (E/E/PE) systems with regard to the reliability of their safety features.

- suitable for all types of windows
- with TÜV registration according to the Machine directive incl. SIL certification
- complies with highest protection class requirements for actuated windows

- independent from the drive and controller model / make
- extensive monitoring area covered
- quick response time
- can be configured individually using Service Port Software


For more information please visit www.kraftbetätigtefenster.de. On this website the processor will learn about planning and constructing actuated windows according to the applicable Machine Directive. You can also get this as a mobile application for your Smartphone (App). STG-BEIKIRCH wants to achieve more than just technology sales: our customers shall gain a long-term benefit from our innovations and get to know innovative technology and pioneering developments.



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