Training for a SHE control system expert

STG-BEIKIRCH offers comprehensive trainings for smoke and heat extraction control systems (SHE) according to the principle of natural smoke extraction (NSE). In conformity with the recognised rules of engineering, e. g. DIN 18 232-2 only experts may maintain these systems. They can obtain the respective certificate at our trainings.

The conditions for the participation at the abovementioned trainings are basic knowledge in electrical engineering as well as an understanding for mechanical relations.

2-day SHE training consisting of part 1 + 2

SHE training part 1:
- introduction into the SHE technology - prescriptions, laws and guidelines e. g. LBO, VdS, DIN EN 12101, DIN 18 232
- SHE drives and their installation situations
- functionality of linear and chain drives - power cut-offs and synchronous working
- installation instructions and problem solutions
- calculation bases for wind and snow loads as well as for required lifting forces
- geometric and aerodynamic opening faces

SHE training part 2:
- Control elements and sensors for SHE and ventilation
- SHE compact centres, technology and functions
- SHE module centres, technology and functions
- Projecting of SHE, ventilation and motor groups
- Cabling instructions and wire size determination
- Structured troubleshooting and maintenance instructions
- Information about SHE centres in BUS technology
- Information about elevator shaft smoke extraction
- Expertise exam

Refreshment class 
For the renewal of existing STG-BEIKIRCH expertise certificates. This class will deal with changes and updates of SHE laws, guidelines and products, or topics about MZ2, respectively.

MZ2 training SHE module centre in BUS technology *
- Function overview of the single modules and combination options
- Handling of the configuration and calculation software
- Handing over the individual licence key
- Software installation on the notebook brought along **
- Practically orientated exercises
- Expertise exam by the manufacturer

* General knowledge about PCs and SHE are required. The prior participation in a STG-BEIKIRCH SHE training part 1 + 2 is recommended.

** Note: The notebook you bring must be equipped wit a nine poles serial interface (COM) or an installed USB to COM adapter must be available! Preferred operating system: Windows XP.

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