Haus der Wirtschaft of the IHK, Kiel


Building data

Building contractor

Industrie- und Handelskammer zu Kiel


Kauffmann Theilig & Partner Freie Architekten BDA, Ostfildern

General contractor
Technical planning

Energy and climate concept:
Transsolar Energietechnik GmbH, Stuttgart
Structural design:
Furche Zimmermann Tragwerksplaner PartG, Köngen
Building services:
Dr. Ing. Bernd Kriegel Ingenieure GmbH, Kiel

Further project information

The „Haus der Wirtschaft“ (house of economy) of the IHK zu Kiel is a particular highlight with its terrace-like, glass-dominated facade and at the same time, it complies with state-of-the-art communication and technology requirements. For the IHK, the guideline for the implementation was that good architecture does not need to expensive.
Beside the significant outward appearance, the interior of the building forms a communication and access zone flooded with daylight, featuring a glass lift and suspended newel stairs. The neighbouring offices are acoustically separated from the air space by means of glass partition walls. The protruding tribunes allow for open meeting zones and represent the open and transparent consulting concept.

The building structure provides the opportunity of a comprehensive climate and energetic concept. The essential for this concept are:

  • Nstural ventilation and passive night cooling of the office areas and the atrium through automated windows
  • Source air system in the conference areas in combination with a ground duct
  • External, wind-proof sunshades, in combination with internal anti-glare shields
  • Construction element activation trough open ferroconcrete ceilings with integrated, water-bearing pipelines for optimising the comfort in summer
  • Ground heat exchanger in the bottom panel for operating the summer construction element activation
  • Water curtain in the atrium for a natural climate and adiabatic cooling in summer and humidification in winter

The building was awarded with the „Landespreis für zukunftsweisendes Bauen in Schleswig-Holstein“ (Schleswig-Holstein regional price for pioneering civil engineering).

STG-BEIKIRCH technology

TG-BEIKIRCH’s essentially included

  • Implementing a SHE control system (combination of commercial SHE modular structure with STG-BEIKIRCH LON technology),
  • Implementing a regulated, natural ventilation via approx. 200 ventilation dampers controlled either in a centralised or decentralised way,
  • Coupling the SHE control system with the ventilation system, and
  • Visualising the ventilation conditions and other building data via a PC table.

The „Haus der Wirtschaft“ of the IHK zu Kiel is a fine example for the reasonable combination of the core competences of Transsolar KlimaEngineering and STG-BEIKIRCH since the whole climate concept for the building is primarily based on the efficient use of the natural resources of sunlight and wind.

The regulated, natural ventilation of the building through automated windows ensures a comfortable and healthy room climate and, in comparison to mechanic ventilation solutions, causes significantly less investment and operating costs.

In summer and to prevent excessive temperature peaks, the thermal accumulators are cooled by natural night air flushing. The fresh air streams inside through the lower facade openings in a controlled manner, is warmed by internal sources, and escapes the building as exhaust air through the higher orifices in the atrium roof. The efficiency of a natural transverse ventilation is even increased additional by the thermal uplift.

The opening width of the different automated windows in the building can be regulated as needed, which results in optimum and homogenous air change rates.

Photo source

STG BEIKIRCH / Roland Halbe Fotografie, Stuttgart

IHK-Kiel-02IHK-Kiel-03 Roland Halbe Fotografie, StuttgartIHK-Kiel-04 Roland Halbe Fotografie, StuttgartIHK-Kiel-05 Roland Halbe Fotografie, Stuttgart

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