Sky Office, Düsseldorf


Building data

Building contractor

ORCO Projektentwicklung GmbH, Düsseldorf


ingenhoven architects, Düsseldorf

General contractor

Hochtief Construction AG, Essen

Technical planning

Project management:
Drees & Sommer GmbH, Köln
Structural design:
KHP König und Heunisch Planungsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG, Frankfurt
Facade design:
DS-Plan GmbH, Stuttgart
Building services:
Integ GmbH, Berlin
Structural physics:
DS-Plan GmbH, Köln
Fire safety:
BPK Brandschutz Planung Klingsch GmbH, Düsseldorf
Through-flow analysis:
I.F.I. Institut für Industrieaerodynamik, Aachen

Further project information

The 89 metres high independent building with 2 storeys is the new, shaping landmark of Düsseldorf. The transparent building envelope appearing filigree and the wing-shaped roof make the Sky Office a visual focus for Kennedydamm street.
In the Sky Office economic and ecologic aspects are balanced in an intelligent manner. Safe, reliable domestic engineering forms the building’s backbone.
Two separate building cores allow for an exclusive arrangement of offices in the facade area.

STG-BEIKIRCH technology

Actively regulated SPS
For high-rise buildings with a relatively small height, a pressure ventilation is possible with even simple systems. In buildings of 60 m and above the pressure ventilation system must be capable of responding to the environmental conditions as well.
In higher high-rise buildings, the pressure distribution within each storey, the aerostatic pressure difference, the barometric pressure change, and the wind pressure between the upwind and the downwind building side generate highly complex pressure fields. These depend on the thermal updraft, the form of the building, the permeability of facades and doors, the combination of open and closed doors, and on the wind conditions. Pressure distribution scenarios may arise which have only little in common with the rulebook examples. They can only be controlled by means of an active pressure regulation which considers the pressure distribution.
In the almost 90 m high Sky Office, closed circular pressure pipelines were placed in the 3rd, 9th, 13th, and 18th storey and connected to pressure measurement units in the façade with which the difference pressure to the outside air can be measured. From the readings of these pressure measurement levels the regulation of the smoke protection pressure system (SPS) generates a curve which is used to regulate the SPS. This enables a pilot control by fire storey location and outside temperature as well as a pressure regulation base on the difference pressure..
Since the system can respond actively to the climatic environmental conditions, a closed facade or a central closing of the facade was not required. The users can open the windows as they like. The systems in both stairwells are always triggered simultaneously. With a response time of under 5 seconds, this is one of the fastest actively regulated systems with frequency inverters for supply air regulation on the market. In case of fire, the smoke is extracted through a vertical shaft, driven by an exhaust air fan. The natural smoke extraction unit in the foyer serves as air vent opening.
With the SPS and LON technology from STG-BEIKIRCH, new ground was broken in the Sky Office; this will contribute to how the complex requirements for smoke protection pressure systems in high-rise buildings can be met optimally in the future. A unique achievement is the interaction of the different components based on a decentralised SafetyLON bus technology with a functional safety certification according to the SIL1 class requirements. 


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