Kameha Grand Hotel, Bonn


Building data

Building contractor

BonnVisio Real Estate GmbH & Co. KG, Bonn


Architekturbüro Karl-Heinz Schommer, Bonn

General contractor
Technical planning

Structural design:
Ingenieurbüro Vreden, Henneker + Partner, Bonn

Facade planning:
Emmer Pfenninger Partner AG, CH-Münchenstein
KonTec Fassadenberatung GbR, Dormagen

Glas roof hall structural engineering calculation:
Werner Sobek GmbH & Co. KG, Stuttgart

Energetic concept:
Brandi Ingenieure GmbH, Köln,
UBeG GbR, Wetzlar

Call for proposals Building services:
Andreas Favier Planungsgesellschaft mbH, Bielefeld

Further project information

The futuristic and architecturally spectacular hotel near the Bonner Bogen was priced with the prestigious MIPIM Award of the international real estate industry in 2010. Beside the architecture, the exemplary energetic concept of the whole complex of buildings contributed to this award decision as well. With a symbiosis of passive solar power, intelligent cooling systems, and a particularly sustainable climate concept, the Kameha Grand Bonn fulfils requirements for a “green building”.

The elliptical building silhouette oriented toward the river Rhine and the filigree glass cover between both building sections give the hotel its elegance. The design concept is dominated by the orientation and opening to the stream and the maximum merging of interior and landscape. The presence of the elliptical building is provided by a cladding with large profiled sheets made of silver-grey aluminium and the glass roof structure which make the hotel appear like a large, opalescent pebble from the river Rhine during the day, and illuminated during the night.

STG-BEIKIRCH technology

In the Kameha Grand Bonn the decentralised LON SHE control technology from STG-BEIKIRCH makes an essential contribution to the implementation of the challenging fire safety concept. Based on § 16 VStättVO (Regulation on Places of Assembly) for smoke extraction of places of assembly, a state-of-the-art SHE control systems in the Ruhrgebiet was created under consideration of previous smoke extraction simulations.

A focal point was the implementation of the smoke deflection system in the main hall of the hotel - the “Kameha Dome”. In a hall of this size, it is almost impossible to provide a technical solution with conventional, centralised SHE control systems. For compensating the voltage losses due to the long routings, cables with thick cores would need to be laid. In addition, a complex smoke extraction which depends on the direction of the wind can only be implemented with systems which allow for selective actuation of the window drives. This essential function is also needed for the targeted natural ventilation of the hall.

The implementation was performed by means of the STG-BEIKIRCH LON SHE control system. In a bus system the most different units can be installed in arbitrary places and are still interconnected through a communication line. Bus systems are present in the market for various purposes, the requirements for a safety system, however, place high demands with regard to data transmission and safety. STG-BEIKIRCH’s internal LON bus system for SHE control systems and ventilation does not only provide this feature, but a multitude of control and power supply products for the safety drives particularly developed for this system are available.

Photo source

www.kamehagrand.com,  www.bonnvisio.com


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