Cubus Seestern, Düsseldorf


Building data

Building contractor

Köllmann AG, Wiesbaden


Schneider + Schumacher Architekten, Frankfurt

General contractor

Hochtief Construction AG, Essen

Technical planning

Facade design:
AMP Fassadentechnik Memmert & Partner, Neuss

Building services:
HTW Hetzel, Tor-Westen + Partner Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG, Düsseldorf

Structural physics:
TOHR Bauphysik GmbH & Co.KG, Bergisch Gladbach

Further project information

The building contractor’s goal for the CUBUS hotel and office building in Düsseldorf-Seestern was clear and pragmatic: an energetically optimised office building with maximum rental flexibility and minimum investment and operating costs, still representative and unique, complemented by a higher class hotel.

Two buildings emerged in the course of the activities: a 12-storey high-rise cube for the office area and a 6-storey bar for the hotel. With their clear geometry, both buildings describe a significant address. The transparent, crystalline CUBUS with an edge length of 40 x 40 x 40 metres distinguishes itself clearly from the 80 x 20 metres light-weight concrete wall of the INNSIDE hotel.

The CUBUS has a central atrium which serves as access room. Around this atrium, three 4-storey air spaces wind upwards. On the ground floor, they are the entrance to the building, in the 4th and 8th storey they serve as waiting area / cafeteria for the respective tenants. Through the building envelope fully made of glass and the facade toward the atrium the air spaces allow for interesting sight relations, contribute to an improved room climate and bring more daylight into the interior. The office building structure consists of flat ceilings, supports in the facade area, and bracing cores which were designed as visible formwork.

Through the innovative facade which opens and closes automatically, depending on the weather conditions, the CUBUS is an energetically optimised building that uses a smart control technology to save energy. The domestic engineering employed natural and mechanical ventilation, the thermal accumulator of the concrete and the climate buffer effect of the atrium, the winter garden and the double facade.

The CUBUS was priced with the Real Estate Award 2002.

STG-BEIKIRCH technology

The double facade of the CUBUS consists of storey-high aluminium window doors, which feature opaque ventilation dampers on the inside and 1,296 point-mounted, automatically controlled whole glass turning sashes driven by electric motors.

STG-BEIKIRCH supplied the unique chain drive technology for these whole glass turning sashes: 2,780 profile-integrated OM/327EasyDrive as Tandem, and in the corner areas as Tridem version.

The patented STG-BEIKIRCH EasyDrive electronics enable the software-based configuration of the following parameters:

Real-time synchronization of up to 8 drives on one sash,
Pushing and pulling forces,
Opening width from 21-810 mm (depending on the drive type),
Opening speed OPEN/CLOSE (reduced trapping hazard by reducing the speed to <5mm/s),
Tight closing relieve 0-20 mm,
Signal contact with OPEN or CLOSED message optional (potential-free bistable contact integrated),
automatic reversing in case of overload (20 mm reversing path integrated)

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