Repair Submission

We give our products a two-year warranty, batteries not included. In case of any warranty claim please use this provided form and note the following points:

Shipping damages

Please report shipping damage immediately upon receipt, stating the delivery note or sales order number.

Return for repair

  • Please use the original packaging for return delivery
  • Please describe the problem as detailed as possible. If you claim a warranty service, please attach appropriate documentation. We can decide about warranty claims only after an error analysis. Improper handling of the product will void the warranty claim.
  • Defective goods will be repaired or replaced, depending on more cost effective solution.

All our products are manufactured according to strict quality requirements and are characterized by their robustness and durability. Should a defect occur which requires  a repair please send us the product back for review. We will proceed with repair as soon as possible. After checking the product you will receive a quotation within a few days.

All returns must be sent to the following address:

STG-Beikirch GmbH 
Service and Support
Trifte 89
32657 Lemgo

Contact device technology:
Tel.: +49 5261 9658-28
Tel.: +49 5261 9658-828
Fax: +49 5261 9658 790

  1. Please print the completed form and enclose it with the return.
  2. Please include copy of original delivery note or invoice.

Repair return consignment form

conditions of use

normal environment: indoors, temperature +5 ° to +40 ° C, no pollution, normal humidity)

chargeable repair

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