Solar ventilation control panel

Solarlueftungssteuerung 24V Set
Ventilation control panel with energy supply via a solar panel and radio control of windows with 24 V DC drives up to 3 amp for daily ventilation


  • including daily ventilation function
  • operation possible with standard 24 V DC drive with built-in power cut-off or limit switch or end cut-off
  • up to 4 solar controls can be managed via a handheld transmitter
  • incl. 868 MHz 4-key handheld transmitter
  • wiring to domestic electrical installation (230 V AC cable network) is not required
  • weather-proof solar module with double-glazing with high performance stability and long life
  • suitable for flat roof or wall mounting using included mounting bracket
  • low power consumption in standby operation


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possible connections

  • 24 V DC drives with own shutdown or power cut-off with total power consumption of max. 3 amp
  • 1 wind-/rain detector (WRM/2 24V) or 1 rain detector (RM/2 24V)
  • max. 4 hand sensors for operation
  • 1 solar panel for energy generationexternal, wired ventilation sensors

expandable with

As an option the set might be extended with further handheld transmitters, for this please order further HSM4 handheld transmitters.

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operating voltage

24V, Mains voltage: umpp 33.6 V / Uoc: 45.6 V

system voltage

24 V
2 x 1.2 Ah, lead acid gel

voltage output for motor units

max. current supply

max. 3 amp (dependent on load/discharge time)


220 x 146 x 83 mm

range of temperature

-5°C to +40°C

IP protection class

IP 54 in accordance with DIN EN 60 529

type of construction tested


plastic (polystyrol) for surface mounting


white (RAL 9010)

note for installation

Installation only in rooms which are dry and ventilated.


The Solar ventilation control panel 24V-Set consists of the solar ventilation control panel including batteries, a solar module, a mounting bracket for wall or flat roof mounting, a handheld transmitter (HSM4) and additional mounting material for the solar module.

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