“Rather than the past, it is the future that I am interested in, for that is where I intend to live.”

(Albert Einstein)

The company STG-BEIKIRCH is a member of the ESSMANN GROUP and specialist in façade and building automation also in industrial electronics and one of the leading manufacturers of smoke and heat extraction systems.

On top of that, we are one of the leading manufacturers of SHE control systems. Our intelligent technologies for window drive units, non-contact trap protection, SHE control systems, PDS and LON-BUS networks ensure more safety in more than 1,000 most diverse buildings around the world and are making a valuable contribution to the optimisation of the investment and operating costs.

Our “invisible” solutions with chain and locking drives integrated into the window profile are unique and pioneering for the construction of modern facades which, for example, are capable of responding to the situation inside the building as well as to environmental influences and can be operated easily and individually at the same time.

Our solutions for a controlled, natural ventilation of buildings provide a more comfortable, healthier room climate and, among other benefits, enable the efficient use of natural resources. We will always provide you with a specific and sustainable solution that guarantees reliability and safety on the highest level – because safety is what drives us.

The Industrial Electronics department of STG-BEIKIRCH manufactures sophisticated electronic components for internal and external production purposes.

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