We have new e-mail addresses

STG-Beikirch GmbH has been part of the Kingspan Group for more than two years. In order to show our affiliation formally, we change our e-mail addresses to November.

All e-mail addresses will then end at @kingspan.com instead of @stg-beikirch.de. In addition the first part of the E-Mail address is put together from Vorname.surname, the new E-Mail address reads thus starting from November: max.mustermann@kingspan.com.

In order to make the transition as easy as possible for you, e-mails sent to @stg-beikirch.de will be forwarded to the new address vorname.name@kingspan.com for a certain period of time.

For questions to the conversion of the E-Mail address you can contact us gladly over your used partners

or info-stg@kingspan.com

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