Linear drives M9/3 1500N

M9 3 1500N M9 3 1500N WR

For opening and closing casements, dome lights and skylights for smoke and heat extraction and daily ventilation


  •  24 V DC drive for SHE- and ventilation application
  •  up to max. 1500 N pressing/tractive force
  •  compact motor unit in aluminium tube
  •  as type Water Resistant (WR) particular for humid environments
  •  dustproof and splash-proof
  •  suitable for both tandem and synchronised operation, depending on the model
  •  automatic cut-off by current detection via external tandem or synchronised control

different variants:

M9/3/...-1500N/EV1/RWA ,165mm Hub (66830160), 200mm Hub (66830200), 300mm Hub (66830300), 500mm Hub (66830500), 750mm Hub (6683750), 1000mm Hub (66831000), M9/3/...-1500N/SG/EV1/RWA, 165mm Hub (66830169), 200mm Hub (66830209), 300mm Hub (66830309), 500mm Hub (66830509), 750mm Hub (66830759), 1000mm Hub (66831009), M9/3/...-1500N/EV1/WR/RWA, 165mm Hub (66830166), 200mm Hub (66830216), 300mm Hub (66830316), 500mm Hub (66830516), 750mm Hub (66830756), 1000mm Hub (66831016)





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technical voltage

24 V DC (-15 % / +25 %)

technical draw

approx. 1.6 amp


without electronic power cut-off, must be set externally

pressing force

1500 N

tractive force

1500 N

nominal clamping force

2000 N

stroke width

up to 1000 mm

min. casement height at stroke length


Ø 36 x (stroke + approx. 364 mm) (diameter x length)

speed of operation

approx. 5.1 mm/sec.

power supply cable

2 x 0.75 mm²; 4 x 0.5 mm² at synchronous operation; length approx. 1 m; silicon white

start-up time

3 min. (ED/ON), 7 min. (AD/OFF)

service life

>10.000 ventilation cycles at nominal load

range of temperature

-5 °C to +75 °C

IP protection class

IP 54 according to DIN EN 60 529 type WR: IP 44* to DIN EN 60 529, permissible mounting position: push rod at top, max. 45° inclined


aluminium tube


EV1/silver, anodized

special colours

RAL colours on request

included in delivery

type of construction tested

acoustical measurement

Hinweis zum Einbau

* The design of the WR drive defines the suitability to be mounted in humid environments. An IP classification presents the test requirements against foreign objects and water but does not proof the suitability for a particular purpose. Drives for humid environments are not standard for the aggressive climate environments. 

With the installation of two drives on one window the appropriate tandem cut-offs or synchro modules must be ordered. Order motor type according to application with or without signal generator (SG) or power cut-off (LA).

The electronic power cut-off must be set externally, please order separately.

Please select brackets consistent with the mounting situation and order
separately. When dimensioning the power supply and the cable cross-sections for
the supply lines to the motors as a function of the control panels used, the
increased currents associated with start-up torques must be taken into account!

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