Linear drives M2 1000 N

M2 500N

For opening and closing casements, dome lights and skylights for smoke and heat extraction and daily ventilation


  • 24 V DC drive for SHE- and ventilation application
  • compact motor unit in rectangular aluminium profile
  • well-priced motor with a stroke force of 500 N
  • automatic switch off by current detection
  • single and- synchron operation possible


different variants:

M2/300-1000N/LA/EV1/RWA (64030300), M2/500-1000N/LA/EV1/RWA (64030500), M2/750-1000N/LA/EV1/RWA (64030750), M2/1000-1000N/LA/EV1/RWA (64031000), M2/300-500/SG/EV1/RWA (13362100309), M2/500-500/SG/EV1/RWA (13362100509), M2/750 -500/SG/EV1/RWA (13362100759), M2/200-1000/SG/EV1/RWA (13362101009)





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technical voltage

24 V DC (-15 % / +25 %)

technical draw

approx. 1 amp


integrated (LA) or external electronic power cut-off (LA/E,  SM2,...) depending on version

pressing force

500 N

tractive force

1000 N

nominal clamping force

2000 N

stroke width

up to 1000 mm

min. casement height at stroke length


length x 60 x 41 mm, see illustration

speed of operation

approx. 4.2 mm/sec. at rating load and nominal load

power supply cable

2 x 0.75 mm²; 4 x 0.5 mm² for synchronous operation; length at least 1.50 m; silicon white

start-up time

3 min. (ED/ON), 7 min. (AD/OFF)

service life

> 10.000 ventilation cycles at nominal load

range of temperature

-5 °C to +75 °C

IP protection class

IP 54 according to DIN EN 60 529


rectangular aluminium profile


EV/1 silver, anodized

special colours

RAL colours on request

included in delivery

type of construction tested

acoustical measurement

dimensional drawing DXF

M2 500N RWA D M2_500N_RWA_D.dxf (421.0 KiB)

dimensional drawing DXF

M2 500N RWA D M2_500N_RWA_D.dxf (421.0 KiB)
Hinweis zum Einbau


With the installation of two drives on one window the appropriate
tandem cut-offs or synchro modules must be ordered. Order motor type
according to application with or without signal generator (SG) or power cut-off


Please select brackets consistent with the mounting situation and order

When dimensioning the power supply and the cable cross-sections for the supply
lines to the motors as a function of the control panels used, the increased
currents associated with start-up torques must be taken into account!


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