Wind/Rain control panel WRZ 40M-4G

Wind Regen Zentrale WRZ 40M 10G 13388000030
For control and supply of drives 230 V AC with a power consumption of 8 A


  • a control system for max. 40 x 230 V AC ventilation drives with a total power consumption of 8A divided over 4 motor groups (e.g. type M3 230 V)
  • possible to interconnect a total of 4 WRZ
  • connection facilities for 2 x wind/rain detectors (type WRM/2) or 2 x rain detectors (type RM/2)
  • possible to set the functions on the appliance or via integrated PC interface (service port software)
  • domelights, roof and/or facade windows automatically closed in the event of rain, snow or wind
  • mains supply display
  • selector switch (optional)
  • indication of the respective detectors being triggered, separated by wind and rain
  • cable routing from either top or bottom
  • benefit of a compact design

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possible connections

  • 2 x wind/rain detectors WRM/2 24 V or 2 x RM/2 24 V
  • Max. 40 ventilation drives (divided over 4 groups of 10 drives each) 230 V AC e.g. type M3
  • 1 x ventilation key switch
  • 1 x selector switch

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operating voltage

230 V AC rated (-10 % / +10 %)

system voltage

voltage output for motor units

230 V AC rated (-10 % / +10 %)

max. current supply

8 A bei 30 % ED bezogen auf 10 Min.


160 x 250 x 90 (H x B x T)

range of temperature

-5° C to + 40° C

IP protection class

IP 54 accordung to EN 60 529

type of construction tested





note for installation

The control panel must be fitted in a dry area. The place where the ventilation switches are assembled must be easily
visible and accessible. Do not fit behind wall projections, doors or structures.

Open the control panel and fasten to the structure using the drill holes provided. Ensure suitable fastening material.
Assemble operating elements, drives and connection boxes according to their attached operating instructions. Comply with appropriate regulations.


The Service Port Software is required for extended configuration
Please order separately.

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