Modular control panel MZ3

Modulzentrale MZ3 STG BEIKIRCH2
SHE control system 24 V DC for the electromotive smoke and heat extraction and daily ventilation


The MZ3 is a functional, modular and configurable inspection and control system for SHE, which can also be used for natural
aeration and deaeration or incorporated in the building management system. During the planning and configuration
of a MZ3 with the ESSplanMZ planning and configuration tool, the individually required functions can easily be configured
per Drag & Drop on the PC user interface.

  • New functional approach of the system configuration
  • Features Very flexible, project-specific solutions with different configurable functions possible
  • Networkable control system for decentralised system configuration via a BUS system
  • Integrated functions such as wind direction and wind strength dependent smoke and heat extraction, opening distance limiting at any positions, maintenance and monitoring function, configurable status messages for every area, temperature-controlled ventilation control, night-time cooling function, different shading functions as well as processing of analogue values
  • Networking with building management system via BUS systems such as LON, KNX, etc.
  • Minimum cabling effort
  • Configuration with user-friendly ESSplanMZ planning and configuration tool
  • Easy handling of the configuration per Drag & Drop
  • The configuration program determines all components and calculates the most cost and space-efficient version
  • Energy supply tested in accordance with EN 12101-10


  • NRA (natural smoke and heat extraction)
  • MRA (mechanical smoke and heat extraction)
  • Natural aeration and deaeration
  • Ventilation control
  • Wind direction and wind strength dependent smoke and heat extraction as well as aeration and

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possible connections

  • linear drives 24 V DC with power cut-off or chain motors 24 V DC with limit switch or power cut-off
  • 15 SHE manual call points (type RBH/3A) per SHE group
  • 15 automatic detectors in 2-wire system per SHE group
  • as many vent switches as required, type LT..., without display open
  • 10 vent switches, type LTA..., with display open per ventilation group
  • expandable with additional modules

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operating voltage

230 V AC/50 Hz (±15 %), for output currents ≤ 64 A 400 V AC/50 Hz (±15 %), for output currents ≥ 64 A

system voltage

27 V DC (-25 % / 10 %)
2 x (12 V, 12 Ah) (output current 16 A) or 2 x (12 V, 18 Ah) (output current 32 A), VdS permitted

voltage output for motor units


max. current supply



depending on version

range of temperature

5 °C bis +40 °C gemäß DIN EN 12101-10, Klasse 1

IP protection class

IP 42 according to DIN EN 60 529

type of construction tested


sheet steel, for surface mounting


grey (RAL 7032)


VdS zugelassene RWA-Bedienstelle RBH/3A/VdS (60000294), VdS zugelassene RWA-Bedienstelle RBH/3A/SU/VdS (60000279), RWA-Bedienstelle RBH/3A/Blau (60000298), RWA-Bedienstelle RBH/3A/Gelb (60000299), RWA-Bedienstelle RBH/3A/Grau (60000297), RWA-Bedienstelle RBH/3A/Orange (60000301), RWA-Bedienstelle RBH/3A/Rot (60000295), RWA-Bedienstelle RBH/3A/SU/Blau (60000277), RWA-Bedienstelle RBH/3A/SU/Gelb (60000278), RWA-Bedienstelle RBH/3A/SU/Grau (60000275), RWA-Bedienstelle RBH/3A/SU/Orange (60000262), RWA-Bedienstelle RBH/3A/SU/Rot (60000276), RWA-Bedienstelle RBH/3A/ALU/Blau (60001298), RWA-Bedienstelle RBH/3A/ALU/Gelb (60001299), RWA-Bedienstelle RBH/3A/ALU/Grau (60001297), RWA-Bedienstelle RBH/3A/ALU/Orange (60001300), RWA-Bedienstelle RBH/3A/ALU/Rot (60001295), RWA-Bedienstelle RBH/3A/SU/ALU/Blau (60001398), RWA-Bedienstelle RBH/3A/SU/ALU/Gelb (60001399), RWA-Bedienstelle RBH/3A/SU/ALU/Grau (60001397), RWA-Bedienstelle RBH/3A/SU/ALU/Orange (60001400), RWA-Bedienstelle RBH/3A/SU/ALU/Rot (60001395), Wetterschutzhaube WSH/Blau (95114350), Wetterschutzhaube WSH/Gelb (95114370), Wetterschutzhaube WSH/Grau (95114360), Wetterschutzhaube WSH/Orange (95114380), Wetterschutzhaube WSH/Rot (95114400), Ersatzglasscheiben EGL (95240451), Ersatzschlüssel ES-RBH/Blau (20202031), Ersatzschlüssel ES-RBH/Gelb (20202030), Ersatzschlüssel ES-RBH/Grau (20202032), Ersatzschlüssel ES-RBH/Orange (20202010), Ersatzschlüssel ES-RBH/Rot (20202029), Ersatzschlüssel ES-RBH/M (20202011), Lüftungstaster LTA 25/AP (60000461), Lüftungstaster LTA 25/UP (60000460), Lüftungstaster LTA 11/AP (60000490), Lüftungstaster LTA 11/UP (60000730), Lüftungs-Schlüsseltaster LTA 12/AP (60000481), Lüftungs-Schlüsseltaster LTA 12/UP (60000465), Lüftungs-Schlüsseltaster LTA 13(AP (95220151), Profilhalbzylinder SZ10 (94810900), Wahlschalter Hand/Automatik WHA-14/AP (60000771), Wahlschalter Hand/Automatik WHA-14/UP (60000770), Wind- und Regenmelder WRM/2 24V (13360000531), Regenmelder RM/2 24V (13360000385), Standrohr SR-400 (21100180), Temperatursensor TS-1030/AP (2500098), Temperatursensor TS-1030/UP (20402010), Elektronischer Temperatursensor TSE-53 (20402020), Feuchte-Sensor FS-3095/AP (20402017), Feuchte-Sensor FS-3095/UP (20402016), Elektronische Alarmsirene AG-026/R (Rot) (10001001), Elektronische Alarmsirene AG-026/W (weiß) (10001000), VdS zugelassener universal Wärmemelder UTD 523 Klasse A1 (20202147), VdS zugelassener universal Wärmemelder UTD 523 Klasse A1/MS (62005251), VdS zugelassener universal Wärmemelder UTD 523 Klasse A2 (20202148), VdS zugelassener universal Wärmemelder UTD 523 Klasse A2/MS (62005252), VdS zugelassener universal Wärmemelder UTD 523 Klasse B (20202149), VdS zugelassener universal Wärmemelder UTD 523 Klasse B/MS (62005253), VdS zugelassener lichtoptischer Rauchmelder MSD 523 (20202139), VdS zugelassener lichtoptischer Rauchmelder MSD 523/MS (62005300), Meldersockel USB 501-6 (20202135), Ballwurfschutz BWS-9 für automatische Melder (20202214), Service Port USB Konfigurationskabel inkl. Software (3000100), Netzmodul MZ2 NM 16A/2 (50002102), Akku-Temperatur-Sensor (50000757), Busverbindungsmodul MZ2 BVM (50002079), Master-Control-Unit MZ2 MCU (50001172), Gruppenmodul MZ2 GM (50001170), Lüftungsmodul für 3 Gruppen MZ2 LM3G (50001174), Motormodul MZ2 MM2x8A (50001171), LON Interfacemodul MZ2 LON IF (50002239), Druckgasmodul MZ2 DGM (50001175), Motorlastrelais MLR16A/2 (50000531), Zeitschaltuhr ZSM/2 (20800906), Potenzialfreier Kontakt PK-9 (95234410), GSM Alarm Modul GAM 1 (20300270), GSM Alarm Modul GAM 2 (mit Akku) (20300271), Stabantenne mit Magnetfuß für GSM Alarm Modul GAM (20300272), Klebeantenne für GSM Alarm Modul GAM (20300273), MZ2 Programmierkabel inkl. Software (20400438), MZ2 USB-Konfiguratinskabel inkl. Software (13380000010), Prüfadapter MZ2 GM (50001518), Prüfadapter MZ2 LM3G (50001519), Prüfadapter MZ2 MM2x8A (50001520),

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