SHE control system TRZ VdS

TRZ VdS System
certificated SHE control system for the electromotive smoke and heat extraction and for daily ventilation in staircases


• VdS approved complete SHE system (VdS S501002)
• approval in connection with various drive types
• special layout for use in staircases
• with integrated additional function „daily ventilation“
• Approval consisting of:
  TRZ VdS control panel
  24 V DC linear and chain drive
  SHE manual call point for manual SHE activation
  smoke detector for automatic SHE activation
  optional possible connection for rain and wind/rain detector as well as vent switch


The SHE control system TRZ VdS contains the following products:

  • SHE linear drive M2/VdS; VdS approval number: G 599006
  • SHE linear drive M9/VdS; VdS approval number: G 599007
  • SHE chain motor FM194-401/VdS; VdS approval number: G 502002
  • SHE control panel TRZ VdS 2A; VdS approval number: G 501004
  • SHE manual call point RBH/3A/VdS; VdS approval number: G 501003
  • Smoke detector MSD 523; VdS approval number: G 28718






possible connections

  • linear drives 24 V DC with own electronic power cut-off or chain motors 24 V DC with limit switch
  • overall current consumption of all drives connected maximal 2 amp
  • 10 SHE manual call points e.g. type RBH/3A
  • 10 smoke detectors MSD 523 in 2-wire system (smoke and heat detectors)
  • 10 external vent switches open/stop/closed
  • one wind-/rain detector (WRM/2 24V) or one rain detector (RM/2 24V)
  • power supply 24 V DC – 100 milliampere: for one wind-/rain detector or rain detector
  • in each case one connection for potential-free signal: SHE activated (NO contact) and malfunction (NC contact); 24 V / max. 0.5 amp

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operating voltage

system voltage

voltage output for motor units

max. current supply


range of temperature

IP protection class

type of construction tested




TRZ/RBH-Basic (61900080), VdS zugelassene RWA-Bedienstelle RBH/3A/VdS (60000294), VdS zugelassene RWA-Bedienstelle RBH/3A/SU/VdS (60000279), RWA-Bedienstelle RBH/3A/Blau (60000298), RWA-Bedienstelle RBH/3A/Gelb (60000299), RWA-Bedienstelle RBH/3A/Grau (60000297), RWA-Bedienstelle RBH/3A/Orange (60000301), RWA-Bedienstelle RBH/3A/Rot (60000295), RWA-Bedienstelle RBH/3A/SU/Blau (60000277), RWA-Bedienstelle RBH/3A/SU/Gelb (60000278), RWA-Bedienstelle RBH/3A/SU/Grau (60000275), RWA-Bedienstelle RBH/3A/SU/Orange (60000262), RWA-Bedienstelle RBH/3A/SU/Rot (60000276), RWA-Bedienstelle RBH/3A/ALU/Blau (60001298), RWA-Bedienstelle RBH/3A/ALU/Gelb (60001299), RWA-Bedienstelle RBH/3A/ALU/Grau (60001297), RWA-Bedienstelle RBH/3A/ALU/Orange (60001300), RWA-Bedienstelle RBH/3A/ALU/Rot (60001295), RWA-Bedienstelle RBH/3A/SU/ALU/Blau (60001398), RWA-Bedienstelle RBH/3A/SU/ALU/Gelb (60001399), RWA-Bedienstelle RBH/3A/SU/ALU/Grau (60001397), RWA-Bedienstelle RBH/3A/SU/ALU/Orange (60001400), RWA-Bedienstelle RBH/3A/SU/ALU/Rot (60001395), Wetterschutzhaube WSH/Blau (95114350), Wetterschutzhaube WSH/Gelb (95114370), Wetterschutzhaube WSH/Grau (95114360), Wetterschutzhaube WSH/Orange (95114380), Wetterschutzhaube WSH/Rot (95114400), Ersatzglasscheiben EGL (95240451), Ersatzschlüssel ES-RBH/Blau (20202031), Ersatzschlüssel ES-RBH/Gelb (20202030), Ersatzschlüssel ES-RBH/Grau (20202032), Ersatzschlüssel ES-RBH/Orange (20202010), Ersatzschlüssel ES-RBH/Rot (20202029), Ersatzschlüssel ES-RBH/M (20202011), Lüftungstaster LTA 25/AP (60000461), Lüftungstaster LTA 25/UP (60000460), Lüftungstaster LTA 11/AP (60000490), Lüftungstaster LTA 11/UP (60000730), Lüftungs-Schlüsseltaster LTA 12/AP (60000481), Lüftungs-Schlüsseltaster LTA 12/UP (60000465), Lüftungs-Schlüsseltaster LTA 13(AP (95220151), Profilhalbzylinder SZ10 (94810900), Wahlschalter Hand/Automatik WHA-14/AP (60000771), Wahlschalter Hand/Automatik WHA-14/UP (60000770), Wind- und Regenmelder WRM/2 24V (13360000531), Regenmelder RM/2 24V (13360000385), Standrohr SR-400 (21100180), Temperatursensor TS-1030/AP (2500098), Temperatursensor TS-1030/UP (20402010), Elektronischer Temperatursensor TSE-53 (20402020), Feuchte-Sensor FS-3095/AP (20402017), Feuchte-Sensor FS-3095/UP (20402016), Elektronische Alarmsirene AG-026/R (Rot) (10001001), Elektronische Alarmsirene AG-026/W (weiß) (10001000), VdS zugelassener universal Wärmemelder UTD 523 Klasse A1 (20202147), VdS zugelassener universal Wärmemelder UTD 523 Klasse A1/MS (62005251), VdS zugelassener universal Wärmemelder UTD 523 Klasse A2 (20202148), VdS zugelassener universal Wärmemelder UTD 523 Klasse A2/MS (62005252), VdS zugelassener universal Wärmemelder UTD 523 Klasse B (20202149), VdS zugelassener universal Wärmemelder UTD 523 Klasse B/MS (62005253), VdS zugelassener lichtoptischer Rauchmelder MSD 523 (20202139), VdS zugelassener lichtoptischer Rauchmelder MSD 523/MS (62005300), Meldersockel USB 501-6 (20202135), Ballwurfschutz BWS-9 für automatische Melder (20202214), TRZ UP-Einbauset (13320200400), Service Port USB Konfigurationskabel inkl. Software (3000100),

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